One tip on how to lose international clients

Many companies are trying to fail internationally but they can’t, they keep doing the wrong things over and over again.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t an easy task, it’s an ART!

Here’s my Number One tip in order to avoid such a situation and make sure you win at losing your international client or prospect:


Why would you have or look for a direct access to your client? What makes you think that you need to know every single thing and news happening in your international market?

It will only help you better understand your target market, the business culture, understand your client’s needs, understand how they function, understand what their buying process is, establish a direct relationship with them, be their trusted provider, understand exactly their reasons to buy, be in control of your sales process…

My God, do you realize? this will actually help you close deals!!! Why would you do that? Remember, you want to lose clients!

Let your international partners control your market, your brand and your relations, at least you’ll be sure that if you don’t lose all opportunities, you won’t be aware of half of what’s happening in your market.

Let them run the show for you, you’ll lose your overseas clients, eventually end up out of the international business and hopefully focus on whatever the opportunities are in your domestic market, WHY NOT?

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