Zoom Webinar #1 – Développement à l’export : Prospecter en temps de crise

Animé par notre fondateur Jalal Benbrahim, en collaboration avec le CDD-Club Des Dirigeants, ce webinaire traite de l’impact de la crise sur la prospection et le développement à l’export ainsi […]

One tip on how to lose international clients

Many companies are trying to fail internationally but they can’t, they keep doing the wrong things over and over again. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t an easy task, it’s an […]

Steps in hiring sales agents internationally

Following my previous article titled ‘advantages and disadvantages of having a sales agent to address international markets’, I have been asked to provide additional info and develop my point and […]

5 questions to answer before expanding to emerging markets

You are considering expanding business to emerging markets and you have already identified one or more countries. Growth opportunities are getting scarce in your home environment, and this could be […]

I have a dollar to spend today, do you want it?

This is exactly how consumers in emerging countries think. Unlike developed markets, emerging markets are mainly driven by middle and lower class consumers that want to control their spending as […]

4 étapes pour réussir sa prospection dans un salon professionnel

Une participation à un salon professionnel n’est réussie que lorsque l’on s’est assuré de rencontrer le maximum de prospects qualifiés. Beaucoup pensent qu’exposer est à la portée de tous, sans […]

Common mistakes of technology vendors when expanding abroad

If you are looking for ways to succeed internationally, there is plenty advice available to help you in your endeavor.  While it is important to know what you should be […]

International markets can be full of surprises: 50 self-analysis questions for ICT vendors to get ready for international markets

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Top 10 questions to ask yourself before starting to develop your business internationally

While managers and business owners might use different processes and frameworks when developing their business into new international territories, the most important thing remains the fact that they have to […]

Characteristics of Small Companies to leverage succeeding in international markets

Many small enterprises find it difficult to address international markets and the main reasons are usually money, limited resources, lack of know-how and poor brand recognition. However, what it’s sees […]